• Vitality Church is a lively, welcoming church in South East Bracknell.
  • We have an informal style of worship, with modern music (see meetings).
  • We are a free church which actively seeks friendship with other churches of all denominations.
  • Vitality is a new church; a small group of Christians, began meeting together in Forest Park Community Centre every Sunday in September 2015. In the summer of 2016, the name “Forest Park Community Church” was adopted by the group, and then two years later the name of the church was changed to “Vitality Church Bracknell”. (see Why do we need a church in Forest Park? and The Dream)
  • The church is currently led by Chris and Judith.

    Our Values

  • We aim to be focused on Jesus
  • We aim to be family
  • We aim to be “fire carriers”, taking the presence of God out of the church to others

    Our Beliefs 

  • We have traditional Christian beliefs, including believing in the doctrine of the trinity. The basics of the Christian faith were agreed as early as 325 AD at the Council of Nicea, in a statement called the Nicene Creed. We take the Nicene Creed as the basis of our faith.
  • In addition, we strongly encourage the members of our church to read and understand the bible for themselves. Our Sunday and midweek meetings will always include reading and talking about passages from the bible.