Why do we need a church in Forest Park?

Why does there need to be a Church in Forest Park?

Forest Park Community Church is a local church for South East Bracknell.

Within the Crown Wood, Harman’s Water, Forest Park and Martin’s Heron and the Warren estates there are:

  • Three pubs
  • Three schools
  • Four shopping areas
  • But only one Sunday church congregation (St Paul’s, URC)

It’s great to see how much St Paul’s are doing for the local community. Also, Easthampstead Baptist Church have been doing an excellent job of running the Refresh Café in Crown Wood Community Centre for a number of years. However, given the size of the local population, and the fact that the majority religion is Christian, it is clear that there is room for another church in Forest Park. Residents of the area currently travel out of the area to attend evangelical, charismatic, outward looking churches. However, our dream is to have such a church within walking distance, right in the centre of our community in Forest Park.