Coming out of lockdown

The loosening of government restrictions mean that we are now allowed to use Forest Park Community Centre on Sundays. We are intending, eventually, to start meeting again in the garden of the centre at 10am. However, the weather is not yet warm enough to meet in the garden. The government restrictions on what can be done in church meetings held inside are still quite tight (no singing, masks must be worn, no participation from the congregation, no socialising) so that it would not be possible to hold one of our normal style of meetings inside. However, we hope to be able to do so by the summer.
In the meantime, we are planning to wait until the weather is a bit warmer, and then start 10am garden meetings on warm, dry Sundays.
On cold or wet Sundays we will, instead, host “Watch events” in the community centre from 10:30-11:30am. These will be opportunities for anyone who would like to sit in the hall and watch the Zoom meeting on a large screen.
The first “Watch event” is Sunday, 18th April. Anyone can come- you do not need to book a place, as we do not anticipate that large numbers of people will attend these watch events – just turn up. However, please would you wear a mask and remain socially distanced from other people who are not part of your household during the event. Hope to see you on Sunday!

The Dream

A place of worship and prayer, where people can experience the presence of God

Our dream is for a church in South-East Bracknell which will:

  • Be built on both love and truth, and on both the Spirit and the Word.
  • Be a place of worship and prayer, where people can experience the presence of God.
  • Reach out to the people of South East Bracknell with the love of God, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Challenge its members to live lives worthy of followers of Jesus, and to play their part in changing this world into a better place.
  • Enable local people find the strength and well-being that comes from community and friendship.
  • Help the hurting and distressed to find healing and love.

Our first ever event

Christmas Carols 2014

The first event we ever held was a Christmas Carol Service in Forest Park Community Centre in December 2014. “Christians in South East Bracknell”, as we were previously called,  have hosted several community events since then, including a craft fair, a summer celebration and afternoon tea to raise money for refugees.Cakes

Why do we need a church in Forest Park?

Why does there need to be a Church in Forest Park?

Forest Park Community Church is a local church for South East Bracknell.

Within the Crown Wood, Harman’s Water, Forest Park and Martin’s Heron and the Warren estates there are:

  • Three pubs
  • Three schools
  • Four shopping areas
  • But only one Sunday church congregation (St Paul’s, URC)

It’s great to see how much St Paul’s are doing for the local community. Also, Easthampstead Baptist Church have been doing an excellent job of running the Refresh Café in Crown Wood Community Centre for a number of years. However, given the size of the local population, and the fact that the majority religion is Christian, it is clear that there is room for another church in Forest Park. Residents of the area currently travel out of the area to attend evangelical, charismatic, outward looking churches. However, our dream is to have such a church within walking distance, right in the centre of our community in Forest Park.